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Mike Tawekjian's Pro Mobile Auto Detailing certainly stands out for its personalized and expert approach to car care. With his deep understanding of luxury vehicle finishes and his commitment to using only the highest quality products and techniques, he ensures that each car receives meticulous attention and care. Mike's dedication to his craft not only enhances the beauty of the vehicles he works on but also contributes to preserving their value and integrity over time.

For anyone considering professional detailing services, here are some key takeaways from Mike's approach that you might find valuable:

Expertise in Luxury Finishes

Knowledge of how different paints and finishes react to various cleaning and detailing products is crucial, especially for luxury cars. This expertise ensures that the detailing process enhances the vehicle's appearance without causing damage.

High-Quality Products

The choice of shampoos, polishes, and coatings can make a significant difference in the outcome of a detailing job. Opting for premium products is part of what makes Mike's service stand out.

Personalized Service

The fact that Mike personally undertakes all detailing services speaks volumes about his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This hands-on approach ensures that each vehicle receives the utmost care.

Advanced Equipment

Utilizing the latest in detailing technology not only improves the efficiency of the cleaning and detailing process but also contributes to achieving flawless results.

Attention to Detail

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any detailing service is the attention to detail. This is where passion and professionalism truly shine, and it's clear that Mike's work reflects both.

Protection and Longevity

Detailing isn't just about making a car look good in the moment; it's also about protecting the finish to ensure it lasts as long as possible. This dual focus on aesthetics and protection is what can make investing in professional detailing services like Mike's a wise choice for car owners.

Whether you own a luxury vehicle in need of tender loving care or any car you wish to keep in pristine condition, taking a page from Mike's book and focusing on quality, expertise, and personalized care can make all the difference.

Hight Quality Skilled

Pro Mobile Auto Detail is set to provide a top-notch service experience, leveraging Mr. Mike Tawekjian’s expertise. With such focused leadership, clients can expect their vehicles to not just be cleaned, but meticulously cared for, bringing out the best in their appearance and preserving their value. Attention to detail can make all the difference, especially in auto detailing where the finest touches can transform a car’s presentation.

Customer Satisfact

Providing excellent customer service and prioritizing customer satisfaction are crucial elements for success in any business, including auto detailing services. Mike's dedication to going above and beyond for his clients will surely set him apart from the competition and build a loyal customer base. It's essential to consistently deliver high-quality service and exceed expectations to ensure customers keep coming back and spread positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Premium Products

Pro Mobile Auto Detail is committed to providing top-tier service with a focus on quality and excellence, using only the most advanced and effective products. Gtechniq and Feynlab are indeed renowned in the auto detailing industry for their innovative technologies and exceptional results. Their products offer long-lasting protection, unparalleled shine, and overall superior performance, which aligns perfectly with a commitment to delivering nothing but the best for clients' vehicles. Leveraging such premium products not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also its preservation over time, reflecting a dedication to perfection and customer satisfaction.

Founder Of Pro Mobile Auto Detail

About Mike Tawekjian

Quality Detailing

Ultimate Protection And Shine

Pro Mobile Auto Detail in Orange County is a full-service solution for the exotic and collector car community throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and the US.

“Mike’s passion for the art of fine car detailing is reflected in the impeccable finish of each and every car and he treats.

From high-performance automobiles to classic in Orange County and Los Angeles, Mike demonstrates daily why his quality workmanship and service are unrivalled.”

Founder Message :

Mike Tawekjian is an artist when it comes to detailing vehicles. Each vehicle he details, he approaches as a unique piece of art. Mike Tawekjian is renowned by car enthusiasts who demand the best in the business. His mastery and uncompromising high standards have made him legendary such as da Vinci and other famous artists alike.

Mike understands the need for his clients to feel their investment is safe. Pro Mobile Auto Detail is fully bonded and insured for 2 Million Dollars, so you can sleep at night knowing you’re protected.

Mike is industrious, hard-working and, most importantly, deeply passionate about what he does. He proudly offers Premium Paint Correction Packages which use the highest quality compounds in the world, made with all natural ingredients. Discerning owners of classic, ultra-luxury and high-performance exotic cars understand and appreciate both unparalleled quality and the expertise Mike brings to each detail. Schedule an appointment on-line to experience Pro Mobile Auto Detail difference.

Clients throughout Orange County and Los Angeles have enjoyed Mike’s unwavering commitment to the highest level of excellence. While his mobile auto detailing base is Orange County, CA, he has now expanded his high-end detail packages to select luxury and exotic car owners throughout the USA. Contact him to learn more.






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