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Experience the pinnacle of automotive care with Miracle Detail’s exclusive Paint Correction and Feynlab Ceramic Coating service, meticulously designed to rejuvenate and safeguard your vehicle’s paintwork for up to two years. Whether your car requires intensive restoration or you simply demand unparalleled durability, our Miracle Detail package is tailored to exceed your expectations.

ceramic coating is optional with additional charge

Luxury Wash Process

Immerse your vehicle in a lavish cleansing ritual using purified water, ensuring a pristine foundation for subsequent treatments.

Feynlab pH Neutral Snow Foam Application

Gentle yet effective, our pH-neutral snow foam delicately lifts surface contaminants, preparing the paint for the meticulous care it deserves.

Three-Stage Hand Wash

Our skilled technicians employ Feynlab’s advanced three-stage wash system, delivering a thorough cleanse without compromising your vehicle’s delicate finish.

Clay Bar Treatment

Bid farewell to stubborn impurities as our clay bar treatment effortlessly eradicates surface contaminants, leaving behind a smooth, glass-like surface.

Tar Removal Process

Say goodbye to unsightly tar deposits with our specialized removal process, restoring your paint’s flawless appearance.

Two-Stage Paint Correction

Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic to new heights with our precise two-stage paint correction process, eliminating imperfections and unveiling its true brilliance.

Paint Thickness Measurement

Prioritizing precision, we meticulously measure the thickness of paint on every panel, ensuring optimal treatment and protection.

Water-Repellant Window Coating

Enhance visibility and driving safety with our water-repellant window coating, providing clarity and protection against the elements.

Feynlab Ceramic Coating Protection

Experience unrivaled durability with Feynlab’s advanced ceramic coating, shielding your vehicle from environmental hazards and preserving its showroom shine.


Enjoy lasting protection and peace of mind, with our ceramic coating offering a lifespan of 2-6 years or more.