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Why GTECNIQ Crystal Serum?

Crystal Serum is the market-leading ceramic composite coating – the best paint protection available.

Because of the strong chemical bond the coating forms with a car’s paintwork, Crystal Serum can only be applied by a trained detailing professional in the Gtechniq accredited detailer network.

Should Crystal Serum be applied incorrectly a car will need flat sanding to remove the coating.

GTECHNIQ® – Crystal Serum Coating

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What does GTECNIQ Crystal Serum do?

Crystal Serum is an unbeaten paint protection product. It provides ceramic protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance.

The composite structure offers ultimate safeguard, plus the same slick finish and candy-like gloss as the very best carnauba waxes.


Pre-rinse vehicles paintwork and allow to soak under a blanket of ‘Snow Foam’

Whilst the paint of the car is soaking to loosen up the dirt, we clean the wheels using PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove brake dust and tar spots from both the face & the inside edges of the wheels. At the same time, the tires will be cleaned removing inground dirt.

Pre-treat & jet wash inside the wheel arches to remove dirt. The best attributes of our detailers are that we thoroughly clean in places others can’t even see.

Rinse the car’s bodywork with clean water & then wash carefully using the “two buckets” method to minimize contaminant transferal to the cars paintwork, thereby minimizing infliction of “wash marks”. All washing carried out using 100% lambs wool wash mitts.

The car’s bodywork & wheels are the carefully dried using “waffle weave” and microfibre drying cloths.


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